Youssef Darwich, Nosso: helping families build a better world and better future for their children

For our last show of Season One, we have Youssef Darwich, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nosso.

Now I’m pretty sceptical of fintech’s but Nosso are building something very different. Nosso focus on helping families to use their money in a smarter way to build both a better world and a better future for their children.

Using the Nosso app, families set a goal like buying a first house or paying for school fees.  They select the product that best suits them, then anyone in the family can contribute to that goal. Each time a family member contributes they can leave a message or video for the recipient, creating a unique time capsule of special memories for when they’re older.

All of their investments are ESG and they offer specifically themed products that are good for the planet, like Carbon Cutter which invests in climate tech companies.  


06.59: The three traditional ways to save for your children and their flaws

11.10: Why are people and parents not making better financial decisions with their money?

14.58: How does Nosso make investing in children a special memory for all of the family

24.32: Nosso focusing on ESG investments and avoiding companies doing bad

28.32: Trademarks and the rebrand to Nosso

31.22: What big things are Nosso focusing on next?  

35.05: The difference in being a founder versus senior employer and how to handle it

39.18: Entrepreneur First: Love Island for Founders and how to choose your Co-Founder

44.34: Youssef’s approach to building a scalable company culture

50.02: Youssef’s tips for identifying those high potential up and comers

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