Tom Hooper, Third Space Learning: providing affordable and accessible tutoring to disadvantaged children

Tom Hooper has spent the last 12 years in Education, with the personal mission of making tutoring accessible and affordable to everyone.

He built and sold his first EdTech startup Brighstpark in under 3 years to TES Global.

In his current venture Third Space Learning (TSL), Tom has pioneered a new tutoring model leveraging global talent to provide one-to-one tutoring to the children that need it the most. TSL work directly with schools to help disadvantaged children to catch up on their education and obtain the best grades possible, a challenge that has only been amplified by the pandemic.


4.12: Tom wanting to build a social enterprise, exploring the education market, and creating a new model for affordable tutoring

6.57: Bootstrapping his first business Brightspark, selling the business in under 3 years and why Tom didn’t see it as a success

10.58: How did Tom apply his learnings from Brightspark to Third Space Learning?  

14.05: How does Third Space Learning work and how does it ensure the biggest impact on children and their learning?

25.40: How the team went from focusing too much on hitting sales targets and to investing in long term sustainable sales.

32.40: The challenge of demonstrating value with a product that has multiple users. (Teachers, head teachers, tutors and children).

37.16: Why building a strong team culture and leadership team is the only support system you need as a solo Founder

40.30: Why you shouldn’t try and systemize values and culture

46.36: The challenge of transitioning from generalist startup to larger business with functional capabilities and design.

53.22: How does Third Space Learning compete for talent?

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