Tim Wood, Achelous Energy: using rivers to power the world with 24/7 clean renewable energy

Tim Wood is the Co-Founder of Achelous Energy.

After a successful career in marine engineering, Tim and his co-founder were inspired to design a better system for creating renewable energy.

They set out to harness hydrokinetic energy, i.e. the free-flowing water in rivers. Because rivers are constantly flowing it’s a very efficient way to produce energy and cost effective compared to current methods. Their platform provides clean, renewable energy with no negative impact on the environment, and they’ve initially focused on working in developing countries to power local communities.

In this episode Tim chats about the state of renewable energy, what needs to happen to transition to NetZero, successfully building their first prototype, how to create scalable clean energy and their plans for expansion.  


04.51: Renewable vs non-renewable energy and the impact on the planet

08.38: Where have the most advancements been made with renewable energy sources?

10.28: Rivers are our largest renewable energy source

13.42: Tim’s predictions for the main energy trends over the next decade

19.57: What is Achelous Energy?

26.46: How does their hydrokinetic energy compare to other energy sources?

32.31: Building their first prototype on the other side of the world

38.36: What is their revenue model?

44.57: The reality of being a Founder and the difference of building tech for good

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Tim Wood, Co-Founder of Achelous Energy.
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