Sanjay Lobo MBE, onHand: how helping his vulnerable father led him to create 'the Uber for volunteering'

Sanjay Lobo MBE is the Founder and CEO of onHand, an all-in-one tool to engage employees in local volunteering and climate action. Sanjay’s been recognised for the national Entrepreneur For Good Award, plus onHand were named the No.1 Tech For Good Company in 2021.

Sanjay chats about his journey into entrepreneurship, how helping his dad gave him the idea for onHand, growing the business, how hard it is being a solo founder and how to grow and hire for a Tech For Good startup.


1.20: Sanjay’s background and career journey – getting stuck in Law, taking a job in Barcelona and catching the startup bug

8.24: The onHand story – how helping his dad with his local shopping snowballed into onHand…

14.17: How COVID and the threat to the elderly changed the onHand business model

18.30: What is onHand? Sanjay explains…

25.47: How do you grow a social impact business like onHand? What are the best channels?

29.42: How do you keep the vulnerable and users safe?

38.10: Why Sanjay thinks onHand has the potential to be “the tool for anyone in the world to do eco or social good” in the next decade

39.22: Being a first-time Founder and why Sanjay in hindsight would have done it with a Co-Founder

43.16: Sanjay’s top 3 proudest moments

46.50: How companies like OLIO have paved the way for how to build and grow a tech for good startup

54.06: How do onHand compete in a competitive hiring market?

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