Sançar Sahin, Oliva Health: providing proper mental health support to employees

Sançar Sahin, is the Co-Founder and CMO of Oliva Health.

After working in high-growth tech startups both co-founders had struggled with their own mental health and had negative experiences when it came to finding suitable support. The private and public mental healthcare options have a number of associated challenges, so Sancar and his co-founder create Oliva Health to solve this problem.

With people giving a large chunk of their lives to work and work often being a cause of mental health issues, Oliva see a huge opportunity for employers to take more responsibility in supporting their employees with their mental health.  

Oliva focuses on providing people with support for all mental health needs whilst also helping them to build up their emotional resilience. They also care about creating a platform that supports therapists and their needs too.


05.30: Sançar’s background and mental health journey

08.42 : What is the current state of mental health in the UK?

12.50: The problems with current private and public mental health care

18.44: The huge opportunity for employer’s to solve the mental health crisis

21.40 How does Olive provide employees with “proper mental health support and emotional growth”

26.25: Why their first senior hire needed to be a Chief Clinical Officer

35.55: Fundraising and how that money has been spent

46.43: Building a productive remote-first working culture

53.26: The reasons for bringing in a Head of Talent  & People early on in your journey

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