Namrata Sandhu, Vaayu: helping the retail sector become more sustainable

Namrata Sandhu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vaayu.

Nam grew up in Bombay, India and saw first hand the impact of waste and climate change, which inspired her to pursue a career in sustainability. After working for management consultancies and heading up sustainability for Zalando and Arcadia, two things became very clear:

1.      There was a huge opportunity in the retail sector to make a dent in climate change with the sector being responsible for 25% of global emissions.

2.      The biggest blocker for retailers becoming more sustainable was a lack of accurate and real-time data to make better decisions for the planet.

So Nam founded Vaayu to solve that problem. Vaayu helps retailers calculate their carbon emissions in real-time, providing actionable insights into where they can make positive changes and helping them communicate their decarbonisation story to their customers.


03.24: The changes over the last 15 years in the sustainability space

04.59: Can businesses actually be sustainable?

08.10: The impact of the retail sector on climate change

14.55: What is Vaayu?

18.40: How granular can Vaayu get with the detail and helping retailers to improve?

22.35: Helping businesses avoid the greenwashing trap

25.10: Raising their Seed round and Nam’s advice for other Founders

30.00: The important of having a technical Co-Founder

34.20: Building a company that aligns with their tech for good focus

40.54: Nam’s advice on hiring your early stage team

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