Molly Johnson-Jones, Flexa: the future of work is flexible working

Molly Johnson-Jones is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flexa. Flexa certifies and scores companies based on how flexible they, then showcases why these companies are great to work for to talent all over the world.

Molly’s first experience with flexible working, was the lack of. When she was diagnosed with auto-immune disease and told by her doctor she was disabled and needed to work from home once a week, her then employer fired her. This spurred Molly on to found Flexa with her partner Maurice O’Brien so that people could see upfront what kind of working environment companies can offer them.

Molly shares her definition of flexible working, pivoting from job board to focus on certification, raising over half of their Seed funding from female investors, VC’s views on investing in a couple and how Flexa have used their own platform to make all of their own hires to date.

Episode notes:

3.34: Having a disability and getting fired after needing one day a week working from home

04.59: Molly’s definition of “flexible working”

08.17: The barriers to people finding flexible work

13.57: Building the global directory of verified flexible companies

26.02: Why the topic of “flexible working” has helped Flexa build an engaged community of followers

28.12: Molly’s mixed experiences with investors and raising over half of their Seed round from female investors

36.41: Co-founding Flexa with her partner Maurice and how investors viewed investing in a couple

44.15: Why flexibility is key to building a diverse team

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