Michael Millership, The Felix Project: the charity fighting food waste and food poverty

Michael Millership is a Co-Founder and Trustee of The Felix Project.

The Felix Project was set up by parents Jane and Justin Byam Shaw in honour of their son Felix, who died of Meningitis in 2014. Justin discovered a charity in Oxford that was taking surplus food and redistributing it to local charities. He saw the opportunity to apply this model in London and enlisted the help of his good friend Michael and set up The Felix Project in 2016.

Every year in the UK millions of adults and children struggle with food insecurity, whilst the food industry generates 3 million tonnes of perfectly good food. The Felix Project works with wholesalers and supermarkets to rescue this food and redistribute it to over a 1000 charities and schools in London.

As one of the co-founders and trustees, Michael shares more about The Felix Project journey, the issues we face in the UK when it comes to food waste and food insecurity, and the challenges in building a successful charity.  

Volunteer here: https://thefelixproject.org/help-us/volunteer-london


  • 01.42: The genesis of The Felix Project and how it started
  • 05.05: UK food waste and food that can be repurposed
  • 08.21: The reasons for food waste pre-retail
  • 10.52: London has the highest level of food insecurity in the UK  
  • 12.48: The variety of people suffering from food insecurity
  • 14.30: What needs to be done in the long term?
  • 18.46: The Felix Project today
  • 26.11: The importance of volunteers and the work they do
  • 33.16: Michael’s proudest moments with The Felix Project
  • 38.11: The toughest part of running a charity
  • 43.01: What attracts people to work for The Felix Project?

Volunteer here: https://thefelixproject.org/help-us/volunteer-london

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Michael Millership, Co-Founder and Trustee of The Felix Project.
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