Matt Macri-Waller, Benefex: helping as many people as possible to love where they work

Matt has dedicated his career to exploring the complex relationship between employer and employee, trying to understand how companies can best support and nurture the people who work for them.  

Brought up by two entrepreneurial parents, it is no surprise that Matt went on to found, invest in and advise over 25 businesses.

In 2010, Matt founded Benefex with the belief that no one comes to work to do a bad job or be disengaged, and it’s the role of the employer to look after their people and give them the best possible experience whilst at work.

Matt shares how he’s went from identifying a gap in the HR tech market to building Benefex into the international business it is today.


1.43: Growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, where bankruptcy was standard dinner talk

7.21: The state of HR and people technology back in 2010

12.22: Matt roping his retired father into Benefex sales pitches

20.27: Hiring 100 people a year and the hard lessons learnt

25.38: How and why Benefex made two acquisitions during the pandemic

30.55: Matt’s thoughts on the future of employee wellbeing

36.17: What are the best benefits startups can offer to support their team?

44.54: People being bought into the mission is key to growth and success


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