Mary Liu, junee: combatting single use plastic in food with reusable packaging-as-a-service

Mary Liu is the Co-Founder and COO of Junee.

Did you know in the UK each year, 11 billion pieces of single use plastic get thrown away from lunch on the go? Even “green” alternatives like compostable or recyclable packaging are not as environmentally friendly as consumers think, as Mary explains in the episode.

So after spending time in the food industry and seeing the harmful impact of single use packaging, Mary wanted to create a scalable, long term solution to the problem.

She co-founded Junee who want to make “reuse” the default for food packaging. Tune in to hear how they plan to achieve their goal of replacing 25 million single-use containers by 2025.


04.59: What is the current state of single use plastic in the UK?

07.14: How did single use plastic become the default for packaging?

11.25: Mary explains Junee “reusable packaging-as-a-service”

13.39: Building a startup during the pandemic

17.57: The considerations for creating their reusable container

23.56: Reusable versus other alternative packaging – the pro’s and con’s

28.14: Mary’s advice on raising a pre-Seed round

32.27: What Junee needs to get right to achieve their goal of replacing 25 million single-use containers by 2025

41.37: Having a clear mission and focusing on trust and transparency to build a scalable culture

46.34: How do Junee go about attracting top people?

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