Martin Holden-White, Grubby: inspiring the nation to cook more plant-based meals

Martin Holden-White is the Founder and CEO of Grubby.

As it’s the start of 2023 and the beginning of Veganuary I couldn’t think of a better guest to kick off the year. Martin founded Grubby with the mission to make plant-based cooking more convenient and accessible without costing the earth.

Having a love for food and cooking from an early age, Martin was obsessed with the idea of creating healthy, delicious meal kits that make it super easy for people to cook and enjoy plant-based meals at home.

Martin also cares deeply about running a responsible and sustainable business that does everything it can to put the planet first. Grubby uses local produce, 100% recyclable packaging, bike deliveries where possible and even tell their customers the carbon footprint of each meal and compare it to the meat-based versions of that meal.

Tune into to hear more about the positive impact of plant-based meals, building a D2C subscription business, how to be a sustainable business, becoming a B Corp, and being a sole Founder.


01:41: Where did Martin’s love of food and cooking begin?

05.38: The benefits of a plant-based diet

08.32: The barriers to more people going plant-based with their diets

10.24: “Meat alternatives” helpful or not?

13.14: What is Grubby?

15.09: Why the name Grubby?

21.07: Building your tech, inhouse or outsource?

25.14: Grubby’s approach to sustainability

31.00: What is the business cost of sustainability?

33.29: Product metrics: CAC vs retention

35.01: The pro’s and con’s of crowdfunding

40.16: Lessons learnt as a first-time sole Founder

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