Khyati Sundaram, Applied: removing bias from recruitment

Khyati Sundaram is the CEO of Applied.

Traditional CV based hiring processes are flawed, with companies missing out on up to 60% of people. Typically, those 60% are from minority groups.

Khyati experienced this herself when looking for a job after her first startup, facing rejection from hundreds of applications until she interviewed with Applied, where they assessed based on her skills rather than her CV. She joined as Chief Product Officer and within 12 months took on the CEO role.

Applied is a tech platform that enables employers to build bespoke debiased hiring processes, so companies get access to a larger and more diverse pool of talent. Khyati explains what bias is and how it impacts hiring decisions, why this is bad for employers, and shares some simple steps to stop hiring bias.


04.09: What is bias and where does it come from?

08.22: What are the benefits of debiased recruitment? And why are we still stuck using hiring metrics from the 1950’s?

13.12: Humans cannot change, why we can’t train out bias.

18.35: From government funded research project to commercial startup

26.34: What forms of candidate assessment are best to avoid bias?

32.26: Khyati’s top tips for Founders to start tackling bias in their hiring processes

40.34: The important of centring the team around your mission statement

43.26: How debiased recruitment processes are a differentiator to job-seekers

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