Jenny Saft, Apryl: designing the future of fertility benefits

Jenny Saft is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apryl.

From her own experience with egg freezing, Jenny realised how poorly serviced people were with their fertility and family forming needs.

With a society that’s increasingly starting families at older ages, these services are crucial to people. Across Europe, public health services are limited and vary from country to country with discrimination against people within the LGBTQ community still happening. Private health services are costly, well into the £1000’s which most people cannot afford.

Apryl have set out to change this. They work with employers to provide the full range of services that a person could possibly need, from egg freezing to IVF to surrogacy to adoption and much more. Diversity and inclusion sit at the core of their business, so everyone, no matter what their need or situation can get the support they need.


03.10: How societal changes have changed fertility needs

04.49: The different types of fertility and family planning services people need

08.03: The current options available within UK and Europe and why they aren’t enough

15.54: From her own egg freezing experience to founding Apryl

22.14: How does Apryl work? A user journey walk through.

26.51: The business case for fertility benefits

33.36: Why a Co-Founder is so important and finding the right one

37.23: The best and worst thing about working with Jenny

39.35: The challenges of early stage startups and hiring

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