Jason Ash, YoungPlanet: creating a circular economy for kids toys and clothes

Jason Ash is the Co-Founder and CEO of YoungPlanet.

After spending most of his career getting people to consume more food and drinks products, Jason decided to use his skills to do good in the world. As a parent of three, he became very aware of the amount of waste associated with kids clothes and toys, and how many perfectly good kids’ items end up in landfill.

So Jason set up YoungPlanet, a marketplace where parents can find, request and share kids items for free. They want to create a world where value is placed on the longevity and reuse of a product, and how we minimise our impact on the planet as consumers.

With a 150k+ users, 5,000+ listed items and plans to expand globally, they are well on their way to building a circular economy for children’s products.


01.54: What made Jason pivot from corporate career to tech for good?

05.30: Jason’s definition of the “circular economy”

10.31: How does the problem look at a retailer level?

16.38: What is the impact of kids toys and clothes being chucked in the bin?

20.03: Validating their concept

25.38: For good and for profit, their revenue models

31.19: Crowdfunding is the natural choice for a consumer focused app

33.45: What’s in store for Young Planet this year

37.11: Co-founding with your partner

42.39: What to nail when building a business

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Jason Ash, Co-Founder and CEO of Young Planet.
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