Jack Scott, DASH Water: using “wonky fruit” to tackle food waste in farming

Jack Scott, is the Co-Founder of Dash Water.

Dash Water is tackling the problem of food waste within farming, where surplus or “wonky” produce is often overlooked. Dash only use “wonky” fruit and veg to create their premium brand of soft drinks.

What I like about Dash Water, is that they are part of the modern consumer brand movement. Where they focus on being a responsible and sustainable business, whilst building a unique and memorable brand that their customers love.

I chat to Jack about the problem of food waste in farming, building a strong brand identity, carving out a space for a premium drinks brand in a crowded market, their recent “wonky fruit” PR campaign, and becoming a B Corp.  


03.26: Why does up to 40% of the fruit and veg in the UK go to waste?
07.04: Validating their idea of using wonky fruit to make simple, healthy soft drinks
13.23: Focusing on independent stores to build brand equity and solidify their position as a premium brand
18.10: What has been a game changer for Dash?
21.52: How an aubergine that was too provocative for TFL went viral
28.08: Alex’s proudest achievement? The team and culture they are building.
32.04: How and why they became a B Corp.
36.21: Why values were critical to building the Dash culture and team

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Jack Scott, Founder of Dash Water.
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