Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin, (ex) Bloody Good Period: changing the perception of periods and fighting for menstrual equity

Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin is the Founder and former-CEO of Bloody Good Period.

Gabby is well-known for founding Bloody Good Period, a charity that has created a movement for menstrual equity, inspiring the nation to think differently about periods.

After volunteering in a refuge, Gabby noticed that period products were not one of the items being provided to refugees. She posted on Facebook for help and she was overwhelmed by the support. Gabby saw a bigger opportunity to help people that menstruate in getting access to the products, support and education they need. She set up a charity with a bold brand and a clear mission to work with the government, employers and the public to help solve this problem.

In this episode Gabby chats candidly about periods, creating a social movement and removing the stigma of periods, building one of the most unique charities from the ground up, and her journey stepping back as CEO.


01.40: Gabby’s personal journey to starting a social impact charity

07.16: What is a period? How do periods differ from person to person?

11.07: How has society changed when it comes to periods

16.06: Menstrual equity, focusing on those who need help the most

18.59: From a Facebook post and a flat full of period products to full blown charity

30.01: What we’d need to no longer need charities like BGP

31.48: Stepping back as CEO of Bloody Good Period

37.54: What next for Gabby?

39.55: The importance of nailing down your values early on

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