Freddy Ward, Wild: on a mission to remove single use plastic from the bathroom

Freddie Ward is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wild.

After being one of the first hires at Hello Fresh and seeing the company scale to over ÂŁ100 million in revenue, Freddy had caught the startup itch. Towards the end of his time there Freddie was starting to see the strong demand from consumers for more environmentally friendly products. Combining that with the lack of innovation in the personal hygiene/care space Freddy saw an opportunity to create a more sustainable, plastic-free, consumer product.

Wild are on a mission to remove single use plastic from the bathroom and allow consumers to switch to more sustainable personal care without compromising on experience and quality. Their flagship product is their natural deodorant that comes in the most stylish design you will ever see.

If that’s not enough, listen out for Freddy’s naked PR stunt and Wild’s kinky polar bear sex advert.


01.43 The crazy startup journey with Hello Fresh

04.49: Freddie’s focus on sustainability

07.45: What are the problems with “traditional” personal hygiene products?

13.05: Wild’s mission to remove single use plastic from the bathroom

16.58: How did Wild manage to design such a sexy looking product?

20.51: Was the naked PR campaign in Trafalgar Square a success or flop?

26.07: Building an omnichannel brand and launching in retail

34.53: Freddie’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader

41.09: Running, family time and his co-founder – the keys to Freddie’s mental health

43.04: The difficulty in building a great culture when growing from 0 to 30 to 50

47.34: Interviewing with Wild, this is how to stand out

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