Emilia Molimpakis, Thymia: using video games to create the new gold standard for mental health assessment

Emilia Molimpakis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Thymia.

Emilia has spent over a decade studying Neuroscience with a specific focus on using language as a marker to assess and monitor mental health.

The current method for assessing mental health is very basic and subjective and hasn’t changed in over ten years. So when her best friend suffered depression and tried to take her own life, Emilia created Thymia combining her passion for linguistics, gaming and mental health.

Thymia use video games to track micro expressions to assess someone’s mental health state more accurately and objectively. Which means clinicians can use their limited time on what matters, diagnosing and treating their patients.

This is just the start, as Emilia explains how Thymia can become the global gold standard for mental health assessment.


03.43: What is the current state of mental health? Is it getting better or worse?

05.56: How mental health is currently being assessed and why it is so broken

11.03: What is Thymia?

15.00: Emilia combining her passions for language, gaming and mental health to create Thymia

25.44:  Building a frictionless and engaging user journey for the patients

29.48: How have the patients reacted to this new method of assessment?

33.46: Emilia’s biggest learnings so far: having a co-founder, routes to funding and VC bias

40.16: Alignment on your purpose and clear core values are key to balancing profit and purpose

43.08: How does a mental health startup founder manage their own mental health?

48.06: The channels Emilia has found most successful for hiring

50.16: Respect as the core value underpinning everything they do

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Emilia Molimpakis, PhD, Founder and CEO of Thymia.
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