Charlotte Guzzo, Sano Genetics: fixing the medical research system and advancing personalised medicine 🧬

Charlotte Guzzo is the COO and Co-Founder of Sano Genetics.

Whilst studying for her PhD, Charlotte witnessed first-hand the challenges with finding the right patients for medical research. After further exploration it was apparent the whole system was flawed.

Due to issues with patient recruitment and engagement, 80% of clinical trials fail. This means potentially life saving drugs and treatments will never reach the market. It’s a poor situation for everyone, researchers and scientists are unable to trial new medicines, and patients are reluctant to participate in research.

Sano have solved the problem by using technology to connect all these different parties in a more effective way and remove the headaches that previously existed. They enable organisations to quickly and efficiently recruit and engage the right patients, they take care of the genetic testing and data analysis, and ensure patients keep up to date with the latest research and findings.

06.49: The issues with “traditional” medical research
13.22: Sano Genetics overview and fixing the problem
21.18: The barriers of operating in new countries
25.43: How Sano doubled their revenue every 6 months
31.53: Fundraising and Sano’s changing approach to raising
39.52: The COO role in startups
43.00: Parental leave and the stigma of a Founder taking time off
48.09: Hiring quickly and growing responsibly
53.08: Building a remote first working culture

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