Bex Hay, Organise: helping employees to find their voice and take collection action to improve their workplace

Bex Hay is the CTO and Co-Founder of Organise.

At the age of six, Bex was a self-proclaimed troublemaker, successfully campaigning at school to be allowed to play football with the boys. This highlighted the importance of being heard, taking action and influencing positive social change.

After working in the campaigning space, Bex noticed that the major barriers for people improving their working conditions was that they didn’t know where to go, they couldn’t afford legal support and they were afraid of the actions their employers might take if they found out.

So Bex teamed up with her co-founder Nat Whalley to build Organise. Organise provides a safe trusted space where people can anonymously discuss topics with colleagues and peers, get access to expert advice, and use tools purpose-built for running effective campaigns. Organise have supported over 3000 worker-led actions to help create better working conditions at companies like the Co-op, Amazon and Waterstones.


01.45: Bex’s early start as a troublemaker and path into campaigning

06.44: If an employee has an issue, how can they take action in the workplace?

10.01: The most common workplace issues and the most vulnerable workers

15.27: Employers are often unaware of the working conditions their employees have to suffer

22.40: What is Organise and how did they grow their community to 1+ million?

31.33: Bex’s top product metric: “the confidence to get heard at work”

40.14: The importance of a Co-Founder and how to find the right one

44.53: Which company value is most important to Bex

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