Beckie Taylor, Tech Returners: removing the barriers and stigma attached to taking career breaks and returning tech talent

Beckie Taylor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Returners.

From her own personal experience of taking time out to have her first child. Beckie realised the barriers that exist for people returning to work in the tech space.  Although there is a huge demand for tech talent, sadly, those that take career breaks are often overlooked or ignored.

So Beckie set up Tech Returners to combat this problem. Tech Returners run programmes that allow people to brush up on the soft and technical skills they need to feel confident about returning to work. These programmes are sponsored by tech companies, so they are completely free for returners and offer them employment at the end.

When you consider over 80% of their applicants are women and they have an average of 12 years’ experience in tech, it’s mind-blowing that more companies are investing in returning talent.

In this episode, Beckie shares her views on the barriers for people who take career breaks, the current state of diversity and inclusion in technology, and her lessons in building a tech for good business.


04.45: Why do people take career breaks and how does it affect them returning to work?

08.53: The reasons so many companies overlook “returners”

11.15: Inclusivity needs to come first to drive greater diversity in tech

16.11: The Tech Returners model and why it’s free for “returners”

26.09: Making sure they partner with the right kind of programme sponsors

32.27: Launching the Confidence Collective to focus on women in leadership roles

38.51: Beckie’s biggest learns as a founder and leader

41.56: How to build a scalable tech for good business

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