Anya Roy, Syrona Health: building the future of women’s health

Anya Roy is the Co-Founder of Syrona Health.

Gynaecological health is an area of healthcare that has been overlooked and underinvested in for decades. Lack of proper funding and research has led to people suffering. Shockingly, it’s the norm for people with common gynaecological conditions to go years without the correct diagnosis and treatment.  

Enter Syrona Health, an all-in-one healthcare platform that provides personalised and inclusive support to people for all of their gynaecological needs. Syrona’s aim is to democratise women’s health and give everyone access to the help they need.

Anya shares why the current system is failing people, the lack of investment in gynaecological health, how Syrona are solving this problem, plus her advice on building a tech for good business and hiring great people.


03.34: What is gynaecological health and how people’s needs change throughout their life?

05.40: A broken system, with correct diagnosis taking 7.5 years on average    

08.44: The main causes, why is the system so broken?  

18.52: How is Syrona Health solving this problem?

21.07: The early days, pivoting from medical device to healthcare platform

35.06: Fundraising and what’s next for Syrona

38.21: The long term vision: democratising women’s health and removing the stigma

40.45: The secret to an effective co-founder relationship

45.00: Building a for-profit business that aligns with your mission and values

51.33: Anya’s tips for early stage hiring

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