Ally Fekaiki, Juno: fixing employee benefits by giving the flexibility and choice to employees

Ally Fekaiki is the CEO and Founder of Juno.

The employee benefits space has been broken for a long time, with Covid and remote working the disconnect between what companies offer and what employees want has become apparent.

Ally wanted to take a completely different approach to employee benefits. So rather than companies try and guess what their people want, employees have the power to decide what they need.

With Juno, employees have a monthly allowance in the form of Juno points, which can be used at Juno’s marketplace that has thousands of premium products and services, from Barry’s Bootcamp to childcare to home laundry to healthy snacks – pretty much anything you could imagine.

In this episode, Ally gives his frank views on why companies have been getting it wrong for so long, how Juno are fixing the problem and how to scale a remote company.


05.21: The history of employee wellbeing and why it’s not worked

09.19: What’s caused the shift of companies focusing more on employee wellbeing?

14.04: What is Juno and how does it work?

17.31: Starting Juno with £500, a WordPress website and tonnes of tenacity

26.07: Juno appeals to all sizes and types of companies

30.36: Brand is key to driving user engagement

32.57: What are the top benefits employees want?

37.42: Ally’s biggest strength as a leader and the worst thing about working with him

45.05:  The key steps to building a remote business

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