Alex Price, Ecologi: making positive climate action affordable and accessible to everyone

Alex Price is CTO and Co-Founder of Ecologi.

Alex saw a unique opportunity when he co-founded Ecologi, to combine his passion for climate activism with technology.

Ecologi makes positive climate action, simple and affordable for individuals and businesses all over the world. They calculate their carbon footprint and use their money to fund reforestation and carbon reduction projects around the planet providing them with real time updates on their impact. So for as little as £5 per month a person can offset their carbon footprint.

In this episode Alex chats with us about the current state of climate change, how we all play a part in solving it, making climate action affordable to everyone, scaling an impact business and much more.


04.56: Does scalable climate action need to happen on an individual, business or governmental level?

07.24: Reforestation and carbon reduction projects, two affordable, scalable ways to fight climate change

11.50: Building Ecologi from three founders to where it is today  

17.17: Why brand has been critical to Ecologi’s mission and success

18.55: Building a mission-driven, for profit business. The best way to scale impact.

23.11: How does Ecologi ensure they avoid being seen as greenwashing?

31.14: Alex’s proudest Ecologi moment

35.00: Having a clear mission from day one is key to scaling a “for good” business

37.44: Why did Ecologi go down the B Corp route?

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