Adnan Ebrahim, MindLabs: on his mission to make taking care of your mental health as normal as going to the gym

From an early age Adnan had a flair for business, secretly building his first company whilst still at school until he needed his parents to sign the contract of sale as he was only 17. He went on to scale and successfully exit his second venture CarThrottle.

Now, he’s using his hard-earned startup knowledge to build MindLabs, a mobile and video first, consumer app focused on making the world a happier place.

Adnan chats to us about his entrepreneurial mindset, scaling his first two businesses, creating a mental health product, building a world class consumer app, his founder journey and how to hire for a growing tech for good business.


1.10: Adnan’s journey intro entrepreneurship and early success in exiting his first two ventures

5.00: What learnings did Adnan take from his first two ventures into MindLabs

6.55: For someone with no background/education in mental health, what attracted Adnan to the space?

8.45: What is MindLabs? How does their product help people improve their mental health?

14.35: Adnan shares his tips on building a world-class, mobile-first, consumer app.  

20.35: How can MindLabs leverage health data and bio-markers to push the boundaries of their product?  

24.30: Adnan’s tips on how you can create daily habits for a healthier mind

26.50: Adnan’s experience of being a founder and why he’d never do another startup without a co-founder

29.01: How has Adnan gone about building a tech for good startup?

36.50: How do MindLabs differentiate themselves in a competitive hiring market? How to run a great hiring process.

38.58: How have MindLabs grown their team to 20 people so far? What can you do to increase inbound candidate traffic in the early startup stages?

41.30: How does Adnan assess and select recruitment partners?  

44.45: When is the right time to start thinking about building out your own internal talent function?

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