Senior Software Engineer

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We believe mental healthcare should be meaningful, accessible, and stigma-free. We are creating outstanding, employer-funded mental healthcare for people across the world.

Job Description

Oliva is proper mental healthcare for employers who want to make a real impact on both their teammates’ lives and their organisation’s performance.

Combining a curated team of highly-qualified mental health professionals, personalised therapist matching by real humans, dedicated training & support for managers, and a hassle-free digital experience, we're the UK & Europe’s first mental healthcare solution that can truly support employees with a broad spectrum of mental health needs.

We've raised funding from one of Europe's best venture capital firms and various top-notch angels. And now, we're looking for a Senior Full-Stack Engineer to embark on this journey with us.

This isn't just any job. We want to make a meaningful impact on an industry that changes people’s lives. The ideal candidate is not only a highly-experienced engineer, but also someone who’s passionate about joining a movement to reimagine modern mental healthcare.

You’ll develop web-based products that make it simple to access therapy and other mental health services, working with our product team on a day-to-day basis to design, build, and implement our product.

Our existing technology is at a very early stage and lightweight. So you’ll get to build most things from scratch with few constraints from legacy technology.

You can either work remotely in Europe/UK (with valid working permit), or from our headquarters in Barcelona.

You’ll make an impact by...

Designing and implementing a backend made from cloud-based components to support 10,000 concurrent users without bottlenecks. We use AWS (Lambdas, PostgreSQL Aurora database), and GraphQL (Nexus, Apollo Server, Relay). We use Typescript as the programming language.

Using a component-based frontend framework to build a frontend optimised for performance and a design system to make the development easy. We use React, NextJS, TailwindCSS, all written in Typescript.

Making sure our frontend performs very well across all key devices and browsers
Building integrations between our product and third-party APIs (e.g. Whereby, Cronofy, Google Calendar).

Keeping our customer's information safe by maintaining the highest standards of privacy
Writing tests that ensure that our applications perform as expected (e2e, unit, integration tests using Playwright, React Testing Library, Jest).

Contributing to our engineering culture by following Agile principles, ensuring code is well-documented, backed by unit testing, and enabled for continuous integration
Mentoring, coaching, and training other colleagues as a domain expert in full-stack development.

Responsibilities & tasks

Ideal candidate

Skills & qualifications

You're a talented, senior-level full-stack engineer with extensive experience in shipping production technology to real users. You're used to working in a fast-paced environment, you're a team player, and you're excited to build technology that has a real positive impact on people (not just another SaaS tool 😉).

You will have...

Have a well-established track record shipping products to real users
Understand the good parts of JavaScript and have no issues solving problems with it across the stack.

Can communicate effectively in English, both written and spoken.

Can put together a clean user interface using React based on an existing design system
Know how to stitch together infrastructure using AWS/GCP components or a similar platform.

Are confident designing and implementing systems to keep user information secure
Are an independent thinker and make sensible compromises between shipping features and keeping things stable.

Feel comfortable working in a SCRUM team and enjoy coaching colleagues to get the best out of themselves.

How to apply

Please apply through our website!

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