Senior Engineer - JavaScript / TypeScript

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OpenFn helps the world's leading health and humanitarian organizations scale through data integration and automation.

Job Description

We’re looking for a senior engineer with deep Javascript experience to join our global, remote team and play a big role in taking our open source language and associated tooling to the next level. We are building a Javascript/Typescript visualiser that allows users to create fully-extensible, visual data transformation jobs from our large set of existing libraries. We will empower users to work freely in both code and blocks, switching between the two seamlessly… and the output will be runnable anywhere.

As a small team working in the face of rapidly increasing demand, we move fast at times and slow at others, but we try to make sure that we’re always doing so for the right reasons. While we’re careful not to gild the lily, no one likes wading through code that could have been written more clearly or stomping bugs that might have been avoided.

If you like the idea of low-code environments, of visualizing ASTs, and of building out in the open—in conversation with leading NGOs and governments around the world—we’d love to talk to you.

  • Compensation is commensurate with experience.
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Health insurance and computer hardware stipends.
  • Exposure to hottest industry and technology trends and leading health and humanitarian interventions in the sector.
  • Opportunity for leadership and advancement. You will be a key contributor to our company’s technical strategy and direction.

Responsibilities & tasks

See the attached full job description:

Ideal candidate

In product engineering at OpenFn, we're trying to unlock the potential of the "Technology for Development" sector by building open-source automation, data integration and interoperability tools. Do you want to work with technologies on the cutting edge of cloud computing and web development, on a sector-leading iPaaS, and an impressive array of open-source workflow automation, ETL, and data processing technologies? Do you wish that less Silicon Valley brainpower was wasted making marginal improvements to already comfortable lives?

Skills & qualifications

Our Stack
- Adaptors/automation: JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJs
- Orchestration/platform: Elixir, Phoenix, React, Postgres, GCP, Kubernetes

Things that might set you apart
- You are a JavaScript ninja.
- You have some battle scars left over from working with the internals of the Typescript compiler or similar.
- You have experience in building rich interactive web based UIs, we’re talking dragging boxes, connecting lines and other visualizations.
- You have functional programming experience. (Ideally in Elixir, but anything strong and/or dynamically typed is cool too.)

How to apply

Send your CV and a compelling email to

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