Junior Integration Engineer

πŸ”­ Our mission & vision

Our mission is simple. We want every working person globally to have complete financial freedom by giving them power over their pay.

Power over pay means the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages. We want to transform people's lives and the organisations they work for.

Job Description

When a company signs with Wagestream, we integrate with their payroll system to see how much employees have worked and earned. While we have done +100 integrations, each one is different and there is more to discover.

As part of the Integrations team, you will be instrumental in enabling Wagestream users to access their pay instantly. With the help of our Sales and Consulting team, you will work directly with customers to integrate with our systems. Each company has its vocabulary, jargon and models, so your main challenge will be to adapt and normalize it within a common framework, through engineering and negotiation work.

The technology stack is AWS, Typescript, Python & Postgres. You also have to master SQL and cloud architectures.

About Wagestream
Wagestream is the world leader in Access to Worked Wages. We are a benefit intended for the workers of our clients so that they can instantly access their salary in real time, thus preventing the cycle of employee debt.

We are founded with a social purpose, to reduce poverty and debt. We strongly believe that the monthly pay cycle is outdated and unfair to workers, and we can fix it. Traditional financial services are meant for the employer, and we've built a number of tools to increase employee financial resilience. We have already helped more than 400,000 employees, facilitating access to the salary they have already worked and allowing training and financial orientation, free of pressure.

We are very customer oriented, and we do everything we can to support them. Our solution also helps retention and productivity. We are part of the talent and benefits strategy of clients such as Rentokil, 100 Montaditos, Bupa, Holland & Barrett, Stonegate Pubs or Greene King Pubs. Thanks to this, in July 2020, Wagestream raised a financing round to expand into new markets.

Our mission is to provide a fair financial system for all, and our revolutionary technology has created a new concept; β€œthe personal bank”, where everyone organizes their finances according to their rules.

β€’ Design, develop, test and maintain the platform that allows us to integrate with payroll systems
β€’ Act as a bridge between the Sales team and Consultants, to provide a vision of the integration and provide a successful solution
β€’ Interact with customers, when necessary, to extract information and guide solutions
β€’ Contribute to the team with your knowledge, techniques and tools

Over you
β€’ Ability to understand the value and impact of your work, talking to users (internal and external)
β€’ Ability to solve complex problems and turn them into simple solutions
β€’ Learning capacity
β€’ Resolute, and oriented to give the best solution with the time set
β€’ Detail-oriented, with the ability to listen and ask questions to understand and capture the required information
β€’ Willing to go further, and guide customers in the best way to integrate their systems
β€’ full stack

Requirements (but if you are close, do not hesitate to write to us!)
β€’ 1 year of software experience
β€’ Proficiency in one of these languages: Python or Java Script (in the following React, Angular, Vue frameworks)
β€’ Understanding of SQL, we use PostgreSQL

Team and Development

β€’ As a Junior integration engineer you will have the opportunity to
β€’ Work directly with our Backend and Frontend engineers
β€’ Report to the CTO of the organization
β€’ Collaborate closely with the rest of the company's departments (Customer Success, Sales and Marketing)
β€’ Receive weekly Mentoring sessions with someone Senior from the team
β€’ Make a personalized Onboarding and have Buddy during your first two months
β€’ Learn to work in a startup environment with a young team and collaborate with various departments and priorities
β€’ Help design the project engineers in a promising team
β€’ Lead the salary revolution by collaborating on an innovative idea and a benefit demanded by employees

β€’ Culture of trust and autonomy
β€’ Impact on a fast-growing company with big plans for the future
β€’ Telework from wherever you want or you can always come to our office in Madrid
β€’ Enjoy 23 days of vacation plus 2 days of own affairs
β€’ Our benefits change from country to country so check out our careers page for more information.


We know that money is only part of the package, but it is still important, we offer a salary of €25,000 to €30,000. But it is a conversation that we are prepared to have individually.

Responsibilities & tasks

Ideal candidate

Skills & qualifications

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