Green Homes Tech Advisor - Green Homes Guru

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Switchd's mission is to empower homeowners to have the right energy choice for them, with confidence and ease. That may be the cheapest (Switchd) or the greenest (MakeMyHouseGreen).

Job Description

Your Role

The MakeMyHouseGreen platform helps homeowners instantly see which green home solutions, such as solar, are right for them. Your role will then be to speak to all those who want to find out more to answer their questions, help make sure they’re choosing the right system for them and then convert them to an installation. You’ll then work with our systems and team to finalise the system design, order the right kit and book in an install date.

So, right from the first interest someone has you’ll be taking them through the journey to complete their green home installations!

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, so you’ll be a green homes guru in no time!

Responsibilities & tasks

Key responsibilities and areas of ownership

You don’t need to know how to do all the below yet. We’ll teach you, so you’ll be a green homes guru in no time. What's important to us is that you are a keen and quick learner!

  • Speaking with customers to answer questions and build a relationship
  • Helping users work out which green solution is right for their home
  • Converting people from initial interest through to getting an install and managing the on-going relationship
  • Co-ordinating kit order and installers to make the installation happen
  • Looking for ways to improve all of the above

Ideal candidate

Skills & qualifications

To be great in this role you’ll...

  • Enjoy speaking with people and building a relationship
  • Be organised and efficient to make things run smoothly
  • Enjoy understanding how things work
  • Want to make sure users get the best experience and the right solution
  • Be a self starter who likes to find and solve problems
  • Have enough work experience to know you fit with the above.

How to apply

Check out the careers page
Answer 3 quick questions and attach your CV

We want to make sure that we hire people who will really enjoy their time with us and enjoy working with the team. Without looking at any CV's we'll review your answers to these questions, this means we can see who would be a good fit and ensure ZERO bias. :)

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