Forward Deployed Software Engineer

🔭 Our mission & vision

Our mission is simple. We want every working person globally to have complete financial freedom by giving them power over their pay.

Power over pay means the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages. We want to transform people's lives and the organisations they work for.

Job Description

Wagestream is on a mission to bring better financial wellbeing to frontline workers.

We partner with some of the world’s most famous employers, like Pizza Express, Hilton and the UK’s National Health Service, to give their teams access to fairer financial services - all built around flexible pay. Almost a million people can now choose how often they’re paid, track their shifts and earnings, start saving, use budgeting tools, get free financial coaching, and access fairer financial products. All in one financial wellbeing super-app.

Wagestream is unique: VC-backed and growing at scale-up pace, but with a social conscience. The UK’s leading financial charities and impact funds were our founding investors, and we operate on a social charter - which means every product we build has to improve financial health and reduce the $5.6bn ‘premium’ lower-income earners pay for financial services each year.

You’d be joining a team of 100 talented, ambitious people, growing in Europe, Australia and the USA, building a category-leading fintech product and all united by that same mission.

The Opportunity:

When an employer signs up for Wagestream, we integrate with their payroll, HR and WFM (workforce management) systems so that we know exactly how much employees have worked and earned. Although we've done 100+ of these integrations already, each one is a little bit unique and there are many more out there.

Forming part of a Squad - focussed on launching clients in either Retail & Hospitality or Healthcare & Support Services, you will be at the heart of our mission, enabling people around the world to access their income as they earn it. With the support of our Sales Engineers and Delivery Managers, you will work directly with customers to integrate their systems with those of Wagestream. Every company uses slightly different terminology, jargon and data models, so the core engineering challenge is figuring out how to adapt and normalise these idiosyncrasies into a common framework, through both engineered and negotiated solutions.

The technology stack is AWS+Python+Postgres. You should also have a strong command of SQL and a strong command of cloud-based architectures.

Responsibilities & tasks

What will you be doing?:

Architect, develop, test, and maintain code to integrate with third-party payroll, HR and WFM systems.
Interface with client IT teams, where needed, to extract information and guide solutions.
Contribute within the Squad on best practices, tools and technologies.

Ideal candidate

What experience might you have?

(But if you’re close… that’s still a conversation we would like to have!)

Minimum 2 years experience in professional software engineering, preferably some in a customer-facing role
Commercial experience writing Python and SQL

Experience working with AWS, using services such as ECS, S3, Lambda and API Gateway
A deep knowledge of PostgreSQL
Building fault tolerant distributed batch processing systems
Experiencing interacting with a wide variety of API technologies, such as REST, JSON and XML based interfaces
Within 1 month you’ll have:

Developed a good understanding of our integrations subsystem
Contributed to in-flight client integrations alongside other engineers
Within 3 months you’ll have:

Have sufficient domain expertise to be the lead engineer on client integrations
Have led at least 1 successful integration end-to-end
Within 6 months you’ll have:

Integrated multiple clients
Contributed to the technical strategy & evolution of the integrations platform

Skills & qualifications

How to apply

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