Candidate FAQs

Want to use Jobs For Good to land your dream job in impact but not sure how to go about it? Curious to find out what we mean by 'Companies For Good'? We've got you...

What is a Job For Good?

Any job in a company that does good for the world. Because you don’t need to be a climate scientist to be able to work in that climatetech company you think is amazing. They need great people like you with the right skills and drive. We’re here to help you find each other.

How do you know if a company is For Good?

Ultimately, impact and ethicality is subjective and personal. What one person considers to be For Good might not be good enough for another. Plus, there are no standard impact metrics or accreditations that make it easy, or straightforward. So, we had to come up with our own way of determining if a company is For Good.  

Companies For Good have positive environmental or social impact embedded at the very core of their business. Their impact cannot be differentiated from their business. It is not a side strategy, a CSR policy, or a profit redistribution strategy. Of course, they can have all these things, but that can’t be it.  

Companies For Good are solving our biggest, messiest problems; they’re increasing access to renewable energy, are transforming how we produce food, are democratising access to mental health care and making period poverty a thing of the past. They can be in (nearly) any industry, tackling any problem, but they all have one thing in common: they are using their company as a Force For Good.

How do you approve companies?

We ask them to share some core info with us about three areas

• Their mission and purpose
•Their impact & how they measure it
• How they run a responsible & ethical business

Once we approve a company, this info becomes available on their profile for full transparency. We’re absolutely open to constructive criticism; if you simply can’t fathom how a company made it on our site, please send us a message with your feedback and - if possible - corresponding sources and we will review. Ultimately, we reserve the right to make the final call on who we work with and who we don’t.

Can companies in any industry really be For Good?

Okay, maybe not any. We want to strike a balance between drawing a line and being as inclusive as possible. But there are some companies/industries that we will not allow on this platform:

• Conventional energy sources  
• Conventional farming  
• Intensive animal farming  
• Gambling  
• Tobacco  
• Arms & military  

It goes without saying, companies that create alternatives and solutions to the above are our vibe though.

Do I need to take a pay cut?

No, no and no.

Here’s the world’s best kept secret: you don’t need to choose between progression and purpose.

We mostly work with companies that are For Good and for-profit. That means these companies are building market-based solutions to environmental & social problems and are raising funds and generating revenue, just like any other (‘normal’) company would do.  

If you’re into unicorns, know that impact unicorns are a thing too.

It’s about time we binned the age-old dichotomy between profit and purpose, don’t you think?

I work in a for not-so-good company, can I still apply?

Yes, yes and yes.

We can’t all be climate scientists, or full-time social activists. But whatever your thing is, whatever it is that you are good at, you can use that to do good through your job. By joining a company who does good. Whether you are in finance, marketing, sales, design or engineering, there is your job in a company that does good with your name on it.

Are all For Good companies non-profit and charities?  

Nope. While there are plenty of non-profits, social enterprises, CICs and charities out there doing great work to solve important problems, so are lots of for-profit, for-purpose companies.

What if I can’t find a role or company that’s right for me?  

We’re here to help you find a job in a company that does good, whatever it is that you do. However, we’re just getting started, so if you can’t find what you’re after just yet, why not sign up to our newsletter or set a custom alert to be the first to know when that perfect job goes live.

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