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πŸŒͺ Climate Crisis
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πŸ”­ Our mission & vision

xtonnes exists to reduce the impacts of global warming while proving that this improves business performance, by enabling them to take action on greenhouse gas emissions.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

xtonnes helps companies measure their carbon footprint and then take action to reduce it. We measure it through two metrics: carbon under management (total carbon footprint of our clients) and carbon reduced

πŸ™‹ About xtonnes

xtonnes is blending expertise from data science, sustainability, software and strategy to solve a big problem. We build carbon management software, helping companies quantify their GHG emissions, define a decarbonisation target and action plan their way to Net Zero.

We believe:
Good for planet is good for business
Inaction costs more than action
Just because it's serious doesn't mean it can't be fun

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