Supporting the proliferation of cost-effective and reliable wind power across the globe.
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Applying data science to increase the proliferation of wind power generation

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Windscope drives down the cost of ownership of wind turbines

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Windscope is a pioneering green-tech company that builds AI-powered software to optimise the performance and management of commercial wind turbines. Our mission is to support the proliferation of cost-effective and reliable wind power across the globe. Our first SaaS product, Windscope is a high-fidelity turbine health monitoring platform that enables wind farm owners/operators to better plan and manage operation and maintenance activity to drive down cost, increase output and increase workforce safety. Windscope uses existing SCADA data to determine sub-system health without the need for additional hardware.

Windscope is currently undergoing Beta trials with several commercial partners. We are looking to build on the learning from the beta period to fully commercialise Windscope by summer 2023 and grow it globally over the coming years. Windscope is currently completing the latter stages of the investment process to support this objective.

Windscope comprises a team of engineers and data scientists with a background in the clean-energy sector. The team have previously successfully established and grown the industrial AI company, Ada Mode. We are looking to build the Windscope team to support roll-out and scaling of the commercial product throughout the second half of 2023. Windscope actively support Diversity and Inclusion in the hiring process.

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