Improving traffic insights with Artificial Intelligence. Continuous 24/7 urban classification with complete anonymity.
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As we adapt to living in challenging and changing times, it’s more important than ever to understand how we interact with and navigate our cities.

Our mission is to empower cities to put sustainable communities at the heart of their transport networks.

Empowering cities

We empower cities by providing local authorities and transport organisations with the detailed, highly accurate, data-driven insights they need to make informed decisions that support citizen-centric objectives and sustainability goals.

Supporting sustainable communities

Governments have huge power to make changes to the world around us. We want to ensure they use our tools for goals we believe in: improving the liveability of neighbourhoods with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Focusing on transport networks

Optimising the performance of transport networks has huge benefits for the environment, the economy and for societal health and wellbeing. Data-driven insight is vital to making the most of this opportunity for positive change.

We’re all about innovation

It might sound like a clichΓ©, but it’s true. Innovation is our differentiator. We’re known in the industry for pushing boundaries, enabling cities to try new things with better data, and leveraging technology to solve endemic transport problems. Having won industry and national awards every year since founding, we bring the latest academic research into practical, real-world environments, making data-driven change happen faster than anyone else.

Privacy-by-design is our core

We believe that the future of the Smart City has to be citizen-centric, and that keeping personal data safe is critical to the success of our technology. We have designed our solutions using privacy-by-design principles and are dedicated to ensuring personal data is never compromised.

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