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We believe travel shouldn’t damage the Earth.
London, England
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Pod Point are the UK's leading provider of electric vehicle charging. Since forming in 2009, we have shipped over 137,000 chargepoints and developed one of the UK’s largest public networks with 5,200 charging bays.

At Pod Point, we’re not just about building our balance sheet - we’ve got a much bigger goal than that. We believe that every business should be tackling a major world issue - ours is to ensure that travel doesn’t damage the earth. We think driving people away from fossil fuels and towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) is really important, and building our network of Pod Points is us doing our bit to save the world.

We’re a team of almost 450 and we work hard to retain the awesome culture that makes Pod Point an amazing place to work. We knew from the very beginning that a rigid, corporate environment was never going to work for us, and we have stayed true to our word - we are anything but.

Excited? So are we! Check out careers.pod-point.com or get in touch with us at recruitment@pod-point.com. We've been known to make room for superstars that cross our path!

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