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πŸ”­ Our mission & vision

We are a not-for-profit service for householders in Greater Manchester, offering clear, independent advice and support to help plan, procure and deliver a retrofit project to a high standard.

We offer a range of services to help individuals achieve their retrofit goals. From designing a project to helping procure the best contractors; overseeing quality assurance to offering impartial, expert advice, we can support every step of the way. We can manage the entire process or just help with specific phases.

As well as offering a householder retrofit work, we offer contractor training services and carry out consultancy work for other organisations and local authorities around the UK.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

We provide individuals with clear support and access to retrofit - a notoriously complex and tricky process. The UK desperately needs to both decarbonise housing stock and improve energy efficiency measures - according to research produced by the Green Alliance at least '15 million homes will need to be retrofitted by 2030 and, to meet 2050 carbon targets, the same homes would need to have further measures installed again after 2030'.

We focus on supporting retrofit across Greater Manchester, and working with other grass roots communities and local authorities to replicate our business in other localities.

We measure our impact through our reach, and through quality assurance to ensure that the work we are doing is having the required impact.

πŸ™‹ About People Powered Retrofit

We are β€˜people powered’ a member-led organisation subscribing to co-operative principles, motivated by the challenge of tackling climate change and contributing to national and international carbon reduction targets.

We believe we can tackle climate change through collective action and put our members at the centre of our development, involving them in formulating and testing our services.

Our business is focussed on delivering whole house retrofit for owner occupiers in Greater Manchester and beyond and to support like-minded providers to offer similar services elsewhere, providing the software tools and training services necessary to do so.

We offer three service areas:

– Retrofit services provided directly to householder clients in our local target area.

– Supply chain training services to supply chain partners and commissioning organisations.

– New Retrofit Software Design tools to enable other providers to deliver retrofit - currently incorporating replication, which allows other community groups to replicate our business model elsewhere in the UK.

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