Tech-enabling designer brands to make sure every item they produce is worn.
London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, New York
♻️ Responsible Consumption & Production
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🔭 Our mission & vision

Tech-enabling designer brands to make sure every item they produce is worn.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

This is a tough one to answer succinctly. We compile our impact report annually that paints a better picture than this, but on a high level we create impact by:

1 - Creating a smarter fashion industry.
By building the world’s leading online platform to make sure every clothing item produced is worn.

2 - Improving our own impact.
By making the smartest decisions to improve our own practices.

This is measured in two ways:

1 - Our impact on the fashion industry
The goal of this research is to understand if, and to what extent, Otrium’s business model has an impact on the fashion industry. As well as quantifying the impact based on valid data-points.

2 - Our own impact - Carbon footprint report
We conducted our carbon footprint analysis of 2020. Functioning as the base to set goals and improve our impact to become carbon neutral.

Link to impact report here:

🙋 About us

Lots of fashion stays unsold.

For the resources that went in and for the people who miss out, it’s such a shame. We’re here to fix this, making sure all clothing is worn.

We give brands an online outlet channel and digital-tools to smartly connect dynamically-priced end-of-season collections with fashion-lovers.

Then we give them the data so they can bring the most-wanted archive items back to life. Our app re-imagines outlet shopping helping customers easily find reduced-price gems. We give end-of-season fashion a new start.

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👏 Our company benefits

26+ days holiday (excl BH)
Dog friendly office
Enhanced parental leave
Enhanced pension contribution
Flexible working hours
Flexible working location
Mental health support
Share option scheme
As well as:

💁 Being good while doing good

>50% gender diverse team
ESG reporting
Impact reporting

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