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🌪 Climate crisis
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🔭 Our mission & vision

When it comes to reversing climate change, there’s plenty of blue sky thinking going on.

At Origen, though, we translate thinking into action. Without carbon dioxide removal, we don’t stand a chance of reaching net zero by 2050. Our zero-carbon lime is elemental in achieving a solution to tackle the planet’s trillion-tonne CO2 problem.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

We’ve developed a process that means you can produce lime without emitting any CO2.

Origen’s new patented ZerCaL™ process method separates the CO2 from lime during manufacturing.

By creating zero-carbon lime, we can clean up current industrial processes and remove CO2 already released into the atmosphere.

Not only can this zero-carbon lime be used today, but it can also be used to remove the CO2 released into the atmosphere yesterday – propelling us closer to a carbon-neutral tomorrow.

🙋 About us

Origen is a UK-based cleantech company specialising in providing innovative solutions for carbon removal from the atmosphere. Founded in 2013 following ground-breaking research at the University of Oxford, Origen’s patented ZerCaL™ technology enables the production of zero-carbon lime that can be used in carbon-intensive industrial processes.

By harnessing lime’s CO2-absorbing properties, Origen is developing new methods to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 directly from the atmosphere and bring us closer to achieving crucial climate change targets.

We are always on the lookout for talented blue sky doers to join us in our mission to build a cleaner future.

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