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Field robots that work
🥕 Food Agriculture & Water
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🔭 Our mission & vision

Our 🧭 Mission is to...
...forge agriculture’s path to benefit both people and planet. 👫🌎

Our 🔭 Vision is to..

...sustainably solve agriculture’s labour challenges with robots. 🌱💡🧑‍🌾🚨🤖

Our electric, lightweight and self-driving robots are able to do jobs for which we don't have enough people any more. These are for example picking vegetables for 16 hours on end in the sweltering summer head, back-breaking weeding work and carrying heavy loads to the pack house.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

Fresh produce growers today only get half the required labour.
This increases food import dependency and food-miles and decreases food system resilience.
MuddyMachines build a lightweight, electrically powered, field-robot platform that performs labour-intensive tasks better than humans.

“Robotics as a Service” enables high margins for us and instant ROI for farmers.
For our first crop, green asparagus, we have strong interest from growers in the UK, Peru, Canada and USA.

🙋 About Muddy Machines

We are in between Seed and Series A.
We have 5 guiding culture principles, most importantly 'farmer first'.

Farms and growers need new technology to become resilient against labour supply shortages and ensure the countries where they operate have a secure and sustainable domestic food production system.

Muddy Machines is building field robots that do this in a sustainable way, driving the agriculture industry towards zero emissions with its battery-powered robots whilst also targeting soil compaction with ambitious weight targets

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👏 Benefits at Muddy Machines

Cycle to work scheme
Dog friendly office
Flexible working hours
Flexible working location
Mental health support
Share option scheme
Private health insurance
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💁 Being good while doing good

Pending B Corp status
Green / Ethical pension scheme
Impact reporting
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When was Muddy Machines founded?

Muddy Machines was founded in 06/2020

Total funding at Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines has raised a total of £5m