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πŸ”­ Our mission & vision

Meaningful Business exists to support, connect and inspire progressive leaders dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing issues.

The MB community comprises social entrepreneurs, CEOs, impact investors, sustainability executives, humanitarian leaders and academics from over 130 countries, cutting across geography, sector, cause and company size.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

Through a combination of community and activations, we help leaders increase their positive impact in line with the UN Global Goals.

Our flagship program is the MB100 - an annual, global award program recognizing outstanding leaders successfully combining profit and purpose. Moving beyond just a list, the program comprises workshops, mentorship, networking and growth opportunities via pro bono support from our partners.

We run a wider membership community, where leaders can connect with peers from around the world and get support to strengthen their businesses and amplify their positive impact. This is achieved through multiple programs including mentorships, Office Hours with investors and workshops. We also operate a one-for-one membership model where, for each new paid MB member, we will give a subsidized membership to a deserving impact entrepreneur from an underrepresented community around the world. This ensures equal opportunity to all leaders wishing to be part of the group.

We also operate a publishing platform, where we profile all these leaders and given them an international platform to share their stories.

πŸ™‹ About Meaningful Business

Having formed in 2020, we are a small team of passionate individuals looking to make a difference and help inspiring leaders combining profit and purpose to become challengers to the existing way of doing business.

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> 40% team from underrepresented groups
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When was Meaningful Business founded?

Meaningful Business was founded in 01/2020

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