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We believe it's vital to make sustainable products accessible to everyone. By reducing the supply chain and cutting necessary overheads, we can change the economics and access of sustainable goods.

This can be summed up in one simple mission statement: Good Club helps everyone live more sustainably.

Help: We’re not here to tell people how to live, but instead support them on their journey. We want to give the information and context to make more sustainable decisions and be a key trusted advisor.

Everyone: Living sustainably should be an option for everybody, regardless of income or background. To achieve our mission, in the long term, Good Club needs to be accessible for all - on pricing, availability, convenience, product range and more. Ever since Good Club started as Food Clubs back in 2018, this has been a key goal; there’s no shortage of expensive health food shops that are only accessible to those with enough money to benefit from them. We want to build something different, that’s truly accessible for everyone.

More sustainably: Nobody is perfect. And neither are we. We want to help people iteratively improve their buying, so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with needing to be perfect immediately. But we’re not here to build a successful supermarket that takes advantage of the environment to profit or that makes the world a worse place. We want to be a net positive and the word sustainability encompasses that for us – sustainable for the planet and for the people on it.

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