Gaia is the world's first IVF insurance, remaking how we make families. We help those who want to build their family plan, pay for and protect their IVF journey, making IVF more accessible for more people.
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๐Ÿ”ญ Our mission & vision

Everyone who wants a family should have the chance to try. For the 1 in 6 families that struggle to conceive, fertility treatments are an option but they are expensive. We created the worldโ€™s first IVF insurance allowing more prospective parents to pursue treatment with increased financial flexibility. Because the difference between having a child or not should not be how rich you are.

Our mission is to help build 5,000 families by 2025. We do that by making IVF more accessible for more people.

๐ŸŒ Our impact & how we measure it

Gaia counts 30 employees and 14 nationalities โ€” and our differences are loudly celebrated internally as well as externally with our brand, actively representing diverse families.

While most fertility financing solutions stop at โ€œstandard IVFโ€, Gaia covers egg donor IVF, sperm donor IVF and shared motherhood IVF, providing same-sex couples and single parents with equal access to parenthood.

Gaiaโ€™s board of directors is composed of founder Nader and 2 women โ€” Sasha Astafyeva from Kindred Capital and Leila Zegna from Atomico. Women are also well represented at the company with ~70% women hired, at our C-suite level (COO, CMO, Chief of Staff) and within Gaiaโ€™s data and engineering team, a traditionally male dominated field.

๐Ÿ™‹ About Gaia

Gaia was founded in 2020, as a response to our Founder Nader AlSalim and his wifeโ€™s personal difficulty with IVF: it took three clinics in two countries, and ยฃ50,000 over four years to conceive. Creating the start-up from a patient experience perspective helps us to solve the challenges of intended parents.

We have raised funds from high-profile investors (Kindred, Atomico, Optum Ventures), and we are continuing to focus on fertility health across society. We are positioned to disrupt this market and make a real difference to the lives of intended parents.

We're a company built on helping people, improving a currently broken system and we have organically created a wonderful space to work with incredibly impressive people. We care deeply, our Members are always in mind and we're always considerate of our wider team.

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๐Ÿ‘ Benefits at Gaia

26+ days holiday (excl BH)
Enhanced parental leave
Dog friendly office
Childcare vouchers / support
Enhanced statutory sick pay
Flexible working hours
Private health insurance
Share option scheme
Training allowance
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๐Ÿ’ Being good while doing good

>50% gender diverse team
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When was Gaia founded?

Gaia was founded in 05/2020

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