Our mission is to future-proof businesses as we accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon world.
London, England
๐ŸŒช Climate crisis

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Because climate change is happening now

For too long, companies have been unable to control and reduce their carbon footprint, because they canโ€™t manage what they donโ€™t measure. Not anymore. Emitwise takes the creativity out of carbon accountancy with an easy-to-use platform that accurately measures, tracks, reports, targets and reduces emissions across the supply chain.

Our commitment to people, planet and profit
Yes, you heard us right. All three can coexist and we make it possible.

Understand the full picture
Reducing your companyโ€™s carbon emissions may start with your owned operation, but it doesnโ€™t end there. Our platform gives you the same level of detail, accuracy and insights across your supply chain too.

Breakdown barriers
Climate change is a universal problem, yet challenging it often feels exclusionary thanks to acronyms and carbon jargon. Data provides a universal language that makes reducing carbon accessible for every business.

Turn insights into action
Having all the facts and knowing what to do with them are two different things. Our platform and the targets we help you achieve align with the SBTi, the proven method for reducing carbon emissions effectively.

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