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Our mission is to ensure that nobody gets left behind as the world embraces electric vehicles, and that electric vehicles have a long and healthy life of their own, which is critical to their environmental impact.

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The main objective of the business is to provide consumers with the clarity and transparency they need to confidently buy a used electric vehicle. This is vitally important to the adoption of electric vehicles, especially given the high up-front cost of brand new EVs which risks sustaining them as premium ticket items, out of reach for those on average or lower incomes.

πŸ™‹ About ClearWatt

ClearWatt was borne out of a mutual belief amongst the founding team - that for large-scale EV adoption to become a reality, specific focus is required to provide transparency and clarity on second-hand EVs.
In the UK, 80% of all car purchases are second-hand vehicles; highlighting that the majority of buyers rely on this market to find cost-effective, dependable vehicles. From an environmental perspective, the used car market is essential in ensuring that vehicles have a long lifespan - critical to the overarching objective of EV adoption.
Despite these things, the second-hand EV space has historically been somewhat overlooked; with consumers expected to navigate the extra considerations that come with β€˜going electric’ alone. This includes the basics such as choosing the right car and figuring out how you’ll charge it, through to concerns about the reality of range and performance; including how and why this might change as the car gets older.
With all this in mind, we decided to build ClearWatt - a comprehensive, independent suite of much-needed resources specifically designed to help you confidently make an informed electric transition.

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