Stop drifting apart and start rebuilding connection with the #1 relationship app.
London, UK
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11 to 50

🔭 Our mission & vision

We're building an app to help people build better relationship habits

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

We ran a scientific study and published a research paper showing that 80% of people who used Blueheart for 8 weeks were happier, more confident, and more connected to their partner.

🙋 About us

Connection and relationships are one of the greatest sources of meaning in our lives, but being in a relationship is a skill that most people are never taught. Millions of relationships in the world break down because the right education and tools weren’t available.

At Blueheart our mission is to solve this. We draw from science and academia to build an app that helps people develop healthy habits in their relationships. We’ve even published a few research papers of our own, and we’re determined to push our agenda of better relationships into the mainstream.

We’ve been constantly growing for the last 3 years, and we’ve made a change in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve used blueheart. If you’re an ethically driven person who wants to use their expertise to make a difference in the world, you’re in the right place.

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Dog friendly office
Flexible working location
Share option scheme
Wellness / mental health days off
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>50% gender diverse team

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