A financial coach for every employee
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11 to 50

πŸ”­ Our mission & vision


Provide everyone with access to a financial expert. No matter their situation, starting point, or bank balance.


A fairer and more secure society, where each of us has the tools we need to build a better financial future.


πŸ‘€ Who we are

  • People first
    Whether it’s our team or our customers, our success comes from valuing people and their passions

  • Always diverse
    Strength is derived from our differences, and that means we celebrate diversity in our team and in our views

  • Open by default
    There is great strength in honesty, transparency, and authenticity

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» How we work

  • Focus matters
    β€œThe main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing”. Distraction is the thief of time, and comparison is the thief of joy

  • It won’t always be pretty
    Perfect results β‰  Perfect process. When there’s a wall in front of us, we need to jump over, tunnel under, or smash through.

  • We live off the land
    A successful business is efficient and self-sufficient, so we need to be ruthless and disciplined when it comes to our resources or our time.

πŸ’― What we believe

  • The business is a product
    And it's one that we subscribe to as employees, so we need to make sure we're delivering a great experience to each other.

  • Strong views, weakly held
    We’re willing to change and adapt when data and circumstances challenge what we know about our world and our customers.

  • Every day counts
    Success comes from consistency, so we focus on improvement in our work and in ourselves every day.

🌍 Our impact & how we measure it

We are the UKs Number 1 provider of Financial Coaching - this means, no matter your bank balance or background, we have a coach and financial wellbeing plan for you. Our coaches support the people who need it most - employees. We help people plan for the present and the future and tailor our coaching to the person and their immediate needs.

πŸ™‹ About Bippit

We all have financial concerns & everyone has a money story - talking about them shouldn't be taboo.

Whether it’s dealing with debt, navigating life events, or maximising our wealth.

But talking about money with friends or family can be difficult.

Now thanks to Bippit, everyone can get confidential support, from a qualified professional, to deal with their concerns and achieve their goals.

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πŸ‘ Benefits at Bippit

26+ days holiday (excl BH)
Coworking membership (for remote companies)
Dog friendly office
Enhanced parental leave
Enhanced pension contribution
Enhanced statutory sick pay
Flexible working hours
Flexible working location
Mental health support
Paid volunteering days (activism, charity)
Private health insurance
Share option scheme
Training allowance
Unlimited annual leave
Unlimited sick leave
Wellness / mental health days off
As well as:

πŸ’ Being good while doing good

Accredited Living Wage Company
Impact reporting
As well as:

πŸ‘€ What it's like working at Bippit

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When was Bippit founded?

Bippit was founded in 04/2018

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