Which impact area is for you?

Not sure how to use your talent to make real change? Here's a handy guide on our impact areas.

We know first-hand how hard it is to find a job that genuinely has a positive impact on the world.

With over 70% of millennials saying they would be more likely to choose an employer who has a strong environmental agenda, we know we’re not alone in our search.  

No matter what your talents are, we want to make finding work in impactful organisations stress-free. So you’ve found Jobs For Good (YAY) - BUT, how do you know which impact area is for you?

Here’s a handy guide to our impact areas...

🌪 Climate Crisis

Find jobs in Climate Change.

Want to use your talent to help fight the climate crisis? You’re in the right place.

In the rush to reduce global warming in line with the Paris agreement, this is a huge growth area – PWC’s annual report found:

  • 3,000 new startups in this sector.
  • 210% growth in investment year-on-year.
  • London is the second largest investment hub globally.

We’ve got roles that help combat climate change, remove plastic from our oceans, promote sustainably made products and more.  

Here are our Climate Crisis jobs

🤑 Ethical Capital / Finance

Find jobs in Ethical Finance.

This category is perfect for those who want to change finance’s archaic ways and make everyone feel confident about their financial future.  

Jobs in ethical finance can loosely fit in one of three categories according to legal firm Burges Salmon.

  • 1: Green Finance - where loans are made available to support ‘green’ projects such as renewable energy.  
  • 2: Social Finance – where money is made available to help with a social project e.g. to address unemployment or to improve access to services. 
  • 3: Sustainability-linked finance – where debt doesn’t necessarily get used for a green or social project but the loan is assessed against an agreed, documented list of ESG metrics – ESG meaning ‘Environmental, Social, Governance’.

Discover our Ethical Capital / Finance jobs.

✏️ Fair Education

Find jobs in Education Inequality.

Passionate about making quality education accessible to all?  

We partner with a range of innovative education and edtech organisations that aim to improve education levels across the globe.

According to Books2All:

  • The UK is the world’s 5th largest economy but 16th in terms of primary school inequality.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, over 33% of children in deprived areas didn’t have electronic access to their school work, compared to 2% at more affluent state schools.
  • 33% of children who get free school meals achieve 5 or more GCSE’s at A* to C grade, compared with 61% who don’t get free school meals.

Check out our Fair Education jobs.  

🥕 Food, Agriculture & Water

Find jobs in Food-tech.

Calling all foodies – this one’s for you.  

Help rescue food destined for landfill, promote plant-based alternatives, sustainable farming and more with these amazing organisations.  

  • $12.8 Billion was invested in Food-tech businesses across 1,000 deals in 2021, over double that of 2020.

Find Food, Agriculture & Water jobs.

🧘 Health & Wellbeing

Find jobs in Health and Wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing your thing? We got you.

This category covers a real range of organisations, from mental health support to up-and-coming femtech startups.  

We recently explored some of the most interesting mental health start-ups in the UK including Spill and Mindlabs.

Check out our Health & Wellbeing jobs.

🚲 Green Transport

Find jobs in Green Transport.

Want to make it easier to travel green?

Think electric cars, bikes and scooters, plus carpooling, bicycle sharing and more!  

Discover our Green Transport jobs.

🐋 Marine & Land Conservation

Find jobs is Marine & Land Conservation.

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts!

Use your skills to drive rainforest conservation or protect precious marine ecosystems.

  • There's lots going on in this area in the UK too, like projects to deliver tree planting strategies to increase woodland cover from about 10% - to get closer to other European countries, where woodland cover is closer to 30%.
  • In England, £500m of climate finance has been made available to help treble the amount of tree planting done by end of 2024.

Find Marine & Land Conservation jobs.

📢 Policy & Advocacy

Find jobs in Policy and Advocacy.

Let's shake things up from the top down.

Use your voice to make policy changes that work for people and the planet.

 A variety of organisations need policy-makers, including charities and NGO’s.

Discover our Policy & Advocacy jobs

☀️ Renewable Energy

Find jobs in Renewable Energy.

Want to help make energy simpler and greener? So do we.  

Join organisations on a mission to bring sustainable, renewable energy to the masses.

  • By the end of 2021, 39% of the UK’s energy was generated by renewable energy which covers wind, solar and biopower.
  • The UK government has recently published its’ Energy Security Strategy which will accelrate the growth and create over 40,000 new jobs in this sector, totalling 480,000 jobs by the end of 2030.

Find all our Renewable Energy jobs.

♻️ Responsible Consumption & Production

Find jobs in Responsible Consumption and Production.

If, like us, you want to support businesses that help us all transition toward a circular economy, this could be the category for you.  

If the circular economy gets embedded in government frameworks, this is what we could expect over the next few years: 

  • Deliver 80% of the emission cuts needed to meet our targets.
  • Boost the economy by £75 Billion.
  • Create 450,000 new jobs.  

We’ve got roles in zero waste shopping, smart waste solutions and loads more.  

Check out our Responsible Consumption & Production jobs.  

💛 Social Impact

Find a job in Social Impact.

Want to join a social enterprise that shares your values? 

We share roles from a range of Companies For Good on a mission to create positive social change, for example:

  • Eliminating poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Gender Equality

Find all our Social Impact jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a remote, hybrid, or fully office-based role, there’s a Job For Good out there with your name on it. We also cover contract and part-time positions as well as full-time gigs.  

Head to our Jobs For Good job board to start your search!  

Think there’s another impact area we should include? Let us know – we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note, here.