Welcome to Jobs For Good!

We’re so excited to announce the official launch of Jobs For Good! Jobs For Good is no ordinary job board - we want to help you use your job to make real change.

We’re so excited to announce the launch of Jobs For Good!

But wait, what is Jobs For Good? 💛

Jobs For Good is no ordinary job board. We’ve created this brand-new platform to help people find jobs where they can make real change, whether that’s combatting climate change or fighting poverty.  

With all those unprecedented events over the last couple of years, plus rates of burnout at an all-time high, people are reflecting on what really matters to them. People want jobs where they can stand up for what they believe in. We’re here to make that happen.

How does Jobs For Good work? 🤔

Our team assess companies based on their mission, area of impact and how they are a responsible business. Once we've reviewed this, you’ll see our 'approved' Company For Good stamp here.

We’re just getting started so you’ll notice that some companies still need to be approved - don’t worry, we’re on it! Learn more in our FAQS.

Looking for a job? 👀

Calling all changemakers! Know where you want to make an impact? Tell us more and we’ll set you up with weekly tailored email alerts so you’re the first to know about a new role. Or, search through our index of Companies For Good here to see who’s hiring right now.  

Want to post a job? 📣

Our community of Do-Gooders are looking for meaningful work at organisations that really make a difference, just like yours! Learn more about how you can register with us (it’s quick – promise) and start posting jobs, here.  

We have a few listing options for you to choose from depending on how many hires you want to make and the amount of coverage you need. These start with our basic listing option at £99 per role. If you want to level-up your posting, check out our premium option.

Looking to make a lot of hires? We have annual subscription plans that enable you to post more roles for less. We also offer discount codes for charities and non-profits. Drop us a line to learn more.

Who’s behind Jobs For Good? 👋🏼

Putting it plainly, we’re a bunch of tech for good enthusiasts that want to do good.

We've been there; wrestling through endless job listings for hours, struggling to find jobs in genuinely impactful businesses. Scouring job boards whose “sustainability” filters were endless lists of jobs in not-so-sustainable companies.

That’s why we’re on a mission to empower everyone to make an impact through their work so we can all do what we love AND do good in the world.

Here’s a little more from our CEO, Olivia Spaethe:  

‘We noticed that after the Covid pandemic, more and more people wanted to give something back in terms of ‘doing good’ and wanted to work for an employer that showed positive values such as flexibility and transparency. We’re delighted to make it easier for job seekers to find the right company for them. We hope to create a community of ‘Do Gooders’, a movement of people who want to do good.’

Olivia Spaethe, CEO of Jobs For Good
Olivia Spaethe, CEO of Jobs For Good

Get in touch with the Jobs For Good team ✉️

We’d love to hear what you think about Jobs For Good! Feel free to send us any feedback here, or say hello on social!  

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