Top 10 sustainable food agriculture and water companies

Sustainable agriculture is incredibly important and there are many companies working towards a greener future. Discover our Top 10 sustainable food agriculture and water companies. 

Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse emissions related to food production and producing meat results in twice the pollution compared to productions of plant-based foods.  

On top of that, the UK’s total food waste could feed up to 30 million people a year.  

Sustainable food and water agriculture is incredibly important. Many companies are actively involved in promoting food sustainability by rescuing and redistributing food waste and creating sustainable alternatives.

This sector includes a wide range of startups, scaleups, and not-for-profit organizations, all making significant contributions to its overall impact.

Want to rescue food destined for landfill? Passionate about promoting sustainable farming or plant-based alternatives?

Discover our Top 10 sustainable food agriculture and water companies within rescue foods, meat replacements and sustinable farming.

Our Top 10 sustainable food agriculture and water companies

Rescue foods

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is a London charity that tackles food waste and poverty. They collect surplus fresh and nutritious food from suppliers and distribute it for free to charities serving the vulnerable.  

Their mission: putting good food to good use.

Location: London, UK

Founded by: Jane and Justin Byam Shaw

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One-third of the world's food is wasted. OddBox is determined to change that.  

OddBox’s food system prioritizes uniformity over taste and sustainability. They rescue fresh and delicious produce that doesn't meet supermarket standards and deliver it to you instead.  

Say goodbye to food waste and enjoy nature's bounty.

Location:  London, UK

Founded by: Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran

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Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go encourages every individual in society to rescue food that is still perfectly edible but risks being wasted.  

Operating the largest business-to-consumer application globally for surplus food, Too Good To Go navigates the redistribution of excess food. Furthermore, they are actively engaging the world's leading food brands to reconsider and redefine date labelling practices.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark  

CEO: Mette Lykke  

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DASH Water

DASH Water takes the bent, curved, and crushed fruit, that others have dismissed, to make their flavoured infused sparkling water. By accepting the misfits they’re fighting food waste.  

Location: London, UK

Founded by: Jack Scott and Alex Wright

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Mimica is an award-winning company that aims to significantly reduce food waste caused by overly cautious expiry dates. They tackle this challenge by combining the expertise of food scientists, designers, and engineers.  

Updating the expiry date system is a powerful solution in cutting avoidable food waste.

Location:  London, UK  

Founded by: Solveiga Pakštaitė

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Meat replacements

Yum Bug

Yum Bug are on a mission to make edible insects' mainstream.  

Yum Bug transforms insects into delicious, familiar foods like burgers, mince, and nuggets. Their bug-based foods are not only environmentally friendly but also packed with approximately 30% more protein than beef.  

Location:  Islington, London, UK

Founded by: Leo Taylor and Aaron Thomas.  

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Better Nature

Better Nature are all about tempeh, the traditional Indonesian food made from soybeans and water.  

Better Nature was created to provide people with a healthy plant protein with an incredibly low carbon footprint, making it good for both you and planet.  

Location: London, UK

CEO: Christopher Kong  

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THIS was created by two meat lovers who wanted to create an alternative that tastes better whilst being better for the planet.  

Not only is THIS meat produced with way less carbon emissions but it’s also high in protein, iron and long-lasting.  

Location: London, UK  

Founded by: Andy Shovel

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Sustainable farming

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow creates aeroponic technology and farm management software for indoor and vertical farms.  

Their goal is to minimize waste and carbon emissions in fresh produce by enabling anyone to grow food near its consumption point. By reducing the environmental impact and improving farmers' lives, they make sustainable farming a viable business.  

Location: Bristol, UK  

Founded by: Charlie Guy, Ben Crowther, and Jack Farmer.  

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Vertical Future

Vertical Future leads in vertical farming technology and research.  

Their mission is to enable individuals to grow high-quality, nutritious crops efficiently and sustainably. Through advanced technologies, research, and global vertical farm deployments, they strive to protect crop production, improve human health, and support a balanced relationship between population growth and nature.

Location: London, UK

Founded by: Jamie Burrows  

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