Top 10 responsible consumption and production companies

Let's dive into the importance of responsible consumption and production in today's world by highlighting our top 10 companies within the sector. 

The world's material footprint rose by 70% between 2007 and 2017, with that rate we'll need about 3 planets to provide the natural resources that are needed. Thus the demand for better consumption and production has never been more crucial.

Let's dive into the importance of responsible consumption and production in today's world. As we navigate the consequences of unsustainable practices, it's crucial to shift towards a more responsible and sustainable way of consuming and producing goods and services.

So, what exactly is responsible consumption and production?

It's all about making conscious choices as consumers and adopting sustainable production methods. It means being mindful of our impact on the environment and society.

Why does it matter?

Well, our planet is facing unprecedented challenges like climate change and resource depletion. By embracing responsible practices, we can protect the environment, promote fairness, strengthen the economy, and secure a better future for everyone.

We’ve highlighter our Top 10 responsible consumption and production companies, featuring inspiring initiatives from various sectors. We'll explore how simple changes in our daily lives can contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Our top 10 responsible consumption & production companies

🍴Food / drink


Algramo's mission is to eliminate single-use packaging and create a sustainable economy.  

They offer a circular platform for convenient and affordable zero-waste shopping. With operations in multiple countries, they collaborate with global brands to develop scalable distribution systems that meet quality standards and reduce packaging waste.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Jose Manuel Moller.  

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Saved makes sustainable eating effortless by adding cricket protein to everyday foods, providing delicious and nutritious options that are better for the planet.

Their British crickets are transformed into a protein powder that seamlessly blends into our products, offering delicious and planet-friendly options. Saved envisions a future where everyone can contribute to a sustainable world through easy and planet-friendly everyday foods.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Clara Best.

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The Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman began with a mission to revolutionize consumer habits and reduce waste. They’ve grown from a small team to a network of passionate individuals.

Inspired by David Attenborough, they started a local milkround with reusable glass bottles. Their impact? Over 45,000,000 saved plastic bottles.  

Location: UK.

Founded by: Simon Mellin and Thomas Shaw.  

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🪴 Household items

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap was founded with the mission to make a difference.  

Their journey began in 2012 with a crowdfunding campaign, and now they offer more than just toilet paper. With billions lacking access to toilets, they donate 50% of profits to improve sanitation around the world.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.  

Founded by: Simon Griffiths, Danny Alexander and Jehan Ratnatunga.  

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Bower Collective

Bower Collective is a visionary company on a mission to eliminate plastic waste and create a more sustainable world.

As a multi-award-winning B Corp, they are dedicated to building Europe's leading digital-first sustainable consumer goods brand. Their focus lies in offering highly effective natural home and personal care products that come in reusable packaging, reducing single-use plastic and promoting a circular economy.

Location: Bath, UK.  

Founded by: Marcus Hill, Nick Torday and Davide Sangiovanni.  

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Bide was founded on intersectional environmentalism, supporting both the planet and its people.  

Their goal is to create a truly sustainable business that addresses the climate and social crises. Instead of traditional factory manufacturing, Bide bring the production process to people's homes, resulting in both social and environmental impact.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Amelia Gammon.

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🛍️ Fashion / beauty

UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty are transforming leftovers into beautiful skincare.  

They upcycle 20 different by-product ingredients from diverse industries, providing a new revenue stream for growers. Their natural processes yield upcycled extracts, waters, and powders. As certified cruelty-free, organic, plastic negative, and a B Corp, they are proudly removing ocean-bound plastic.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Babou Olengha-Aaby and Anna Brightman.  

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Otrium are empowering designer brands to ensure every item is worn.  

They create a smarter fashion industry through their leading online platform. Unsold fashion is transformed by providing brands with an online outlet channel and data-driven insights.

Location: London, Paris and New York.  

Founded by: Heather Greenstone and Max Klijnstra.  

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Wild are revolutionizing bathroom products with sustainable, high-performing deodorants. Their reusable aluminium applicator and bamboo pulp refills eliminate single-use plastic waste.  

Natural ingredients combat odour while keeping you moisturized. Certified vegan and cruelty-free, every purchase helps Wild plant trees and become carbon negative.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon.  

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Bare Kind

Bare Kind are making bamboo socks that make a difference, as 10% of profits support endangered animals.  

Every 4 pairs of Orangutan socks sold fund the protection of 1 acre of tropical forest for a year. Bare Kind wants to change the world with socks.

Location: London, UK.  

Founded by: Lucy Jeffrey.  

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